Africa II

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Here are some more photos from our amazing trip to Kruger Park last April.

Hope you enjoy.  🙂  More to come in a later post!

Hippos in a river.  We got out of the car and in to an inclosed viewing point, where we saw lot’s of hippos. Amazing to hear their roars and to see them “play” around in the river.

We saw lot’s of elephants on our trip, but this family strolled towards the road (and over it eventually) eating their way through the bush. The adults where looking out for the little ones, and all of them where spraying themselfes with sand to cool down.

We met this lonely elephant on a guided safari tour, it stood in the middle of the road, and it really didn’t seem to like our presence.  🙂

I had to add some nature pictures as well!  🙂  Kruger Park is much more than animals, the nature is just fantastic!

We met a horde of rino’s on our way.  They were large, both in size and in numbers! And when there is many of them around the car, you feel really small.  This one looked quite peaceful though.  🙂

The zebra was one of the most common animal we saw, but they are truly amazing.  🙂

The only lions we saw, where three young male ones, resting by the road after the nights kill. Here is one of them.

There where lot’s of small and colourful lizards there.

And some animals aren’t as exotic.  This cute little bird had lost it’s mother.  She was only a few feet away, but they couldn’t find each other.  😦