It has been a cold and wet spring, and summer has still not arrived.  But in between all the rain, the sky clears up.  The other day I captured some pictures of a strawberry flower with rain drops.  Hope you enjoy! 🙂 Advertisements

After rain

This has been a wet, windy and cold month in Stavanger, I can’t remember it ever being this bad.  But this afternoon the rain stopped for a while, and I took my camera with me to my garden. The flowers grow and thrive even though…

A wet month



Christmas time is getting closer, and I wanted to share some photo of great dog’s with you! 🙂  Hope you enjoy!


At the age of only 13 days, Astrid has her first visit in the photo studio. A beautiful little girl that I wish all the best in the future. 🙂

Newborn Astrid

I spent half an hour before sunset at Crosby beach near Liverpool, where A. Gormley’s “Another Place” is exhibited. The tide was low, so it was a muddy, but great experience. The light changed really fast. Here are some of the photo’s. Hope you enjoy.…